Illustrations & Animations

A collection of vector illustrations and animations.


These two illustrations and animations were a week long project to build up and showcase my visual designs skills. The subjects I chose are a few of my favorite activities, enjoying a nice cup of matcha latte and spending time with my dog, Doo Yoo. As a UX Designer, I am able to utilize pixel perfect designs and animations to create visually-friendly and engaging experiences for my users. These designs were created by using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and implemented via LottieFiles.

Lavender Matcha Latte

The main challnge of creating for the lavender matcha latte was on the animation. I wanted to convey the lavender flowers floating around the matcha tea in a relaxing manner but also wanted to show the depth within the floating animation. The flowers would be covered by some of the tea and the milk with the waves of the floatation. I conveyed this realism by decreasing the opacity of the flowers whenever it floated towards south of the cup and increasing it when it floated north.

My Dog: Doo Yoo

Doo Yoo is my maltipoo dog that has a hard time staying still for the camera. There were more challenges in using him as a subject with both illustration and animation aspects. For illustration, it took many drafts for both resemblence, hair, and color. For his many textures and color, I gave the illustration a grainy texture for shading to highlight his mixed features.

In the animation section, the challenge was the blinking of the eyes. The angle of each vector points were difficult to portray a natural shape for closing of his eyes and it took close attention to detail for the quick animation.