Emotion and decision-making research.

Emotion and Decision-Making Study

A diary / ecological momentary assessment (EMA) / experience sampling method (ESM) study on people’s everyday emotions.

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Gratitude and Stress Study

How does gratitude and emotion regulation affect stress? A dyadic study that consists of physiological and behavioral recorded data.

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Disgust Study

Why do people seek out disgusting experiences, such as watching pimple-popping videos? I conducted literature searches, two surveys, and analyzed data. The results showed that there is no “optimal” level of disgust people find appealing but that goal-driven disgust videos were less disgusting than not goal-driven videos.

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Conference Presentations

Posters presented at academic conferences.

  1. How Are Emotions Related to Everyday Spending? An Experience Sampling Study. Presented at Society for Affective Sciences (SAS) 2018 at UCLA
  2. Emotion Regulation Strategy Self-Efficacy Beliefs Predict Habitual Strategy Use. Presented at the Emotion Preconference at Society for Personality and Social Sciences (SPSP) 2017 in San Antonio, TX
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