User Experience Designer

Hi, I'm Hee Yeon! I’m a Full-Stack UX Designer with a background in psychology research.

Arrival and Departure Board

A Module in X-1 FBO

X-1 FBO is a logistics software for private airports. I was hired as a UX Designer to implement a new design process and focused on updating one of its ten modules. The new Arrival and Departure Board module contains an improved user interface and customization through settings.

  • Process: User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Animation, Usability Testing
  • Tools: Double-Diamond, Material Design, Adobe XD
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AIR Card Command Center & Merchant Portal POS

A 5-year government contract

The US government contracts credit card processor software to fuel and service aircraft. I was brought on as a Product Designer to design AIR Card Command Center from the ground up and reiterate existing software for the Merchant Portal POS from the contract proposal to completing both products.

  • Process: 2-Week Sprints, Site Map, High-Fidelity Mockups, Design System
  • Tools: Adobe XD, AzureDevOps, Lucid Chart, Zeplin
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Ink Tank

Getting the perfect tattoo is a challenge in itself, from finding design inspirations, to choosing a great artist to make your design come to life. I created Ink Tank during my 10-month UX Design Certification course. Ink Tank provides users a detailed search filter, a comparison tool for artists, and the ability to book sessions easily.

  • Process: Competitive Analysis, User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing
  • Tools: Design Thinking, Material Design, Figma, Adobe XD
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Front-End Portfolio Development

Through creating my own online portfolio, I wanted to highlight my UX and research skills as well as showcase my foundational knowledge on front-end development. This website presents responsive design through mobile-first design and dispalys my design skills through lightbox overlays.

  • Process: Mobile-First Design, Responsive Design, Front-end Development, Usability Research
  • Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
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Illustrations & Animations

As a UX Designer, I am able to utilize pixel perfect designs and animations to create visually-friendly and engaging experiences for my users. I illustrated and animated my favorite activities, spending time with my dog, Doo Yoo and enjoying a nice cup of matcha latte. The main challenge was conveying realism in illustration and animation but also highlighting characters of each subject.

  • Process: Pixel Pefect Design, Animation
  • Tools: Illustrator, After Effects, LottieFiles
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